Here you'll find updates on Dustin's latest project - 3D- 

So...  How have you been?!  Yes, I know.  Its been a bit since you and I had a sit down.  haha  

Last October I submitted my music to an online contest and you ( my fans ) helped me hold 1st place for nearly the entire competition!  It was a huge accomplishment to have the popular vote with over 6,000 musicians running.  

I owe that to you!  You guys are an incredibly loyal group and I'm humbled to have supporters that enjoy my creative endeavors!  You rock my silly socks off.

The bad news...  ( or at least at the time)  I didn't make the cut for the grand prize during the second phase of the competition which was announced on January 26th 2017.  Man oh man oh man was i disappointed...  I'm sure you were too.  I definitely said a few words on FB and sent a few scathing emails to the judge/producer RED ONE. haha  Not that that was going to do any good, but I really felt that "we" kind of got screwed to say the least.  

After disappointment faded away ( 3 to 4 days of an existential meltdown + absolute hatred for the world...  I love you Norma and i'm sorry you had to put up with that.  lol )    I decided to drop off social media for a while.  I hounded you with endless Facebook posts during the contest phase roughly October - January and I figured you needed the break! lmao... sorry.  You'll never imagine how much time opens up when you're not scrolling on social media most of your morning.

I got to work.  Instead of continuing to feel sorry for myself I decided I needed to vent my frustrations with my life and career through the one thing that I'm good at.  Music. Your encouragement during the contest was truly what I decided to walk away with.  Not the end result, but the connection that we made.  You gave me more validation than I've received in years and let me tell you...  That's a huge thing for many of us insecure artists.  Yes, we are all insecure about our art.  We look at what we create as a direct reflection of ourselves.  When it isn't accepted, we feel personally attacked.  It's only natural. lol!  So thank you for stroking my ego! haha

Where was I going with this?...  Oh yea.

I got to work!!  I wrote and wrote and wrote pages of endless mind chatter.  Weeks on end.  

The result:  

      -  3D -

3D is a project based on 5 songs representing conversational pieces between me and myself.  lol  My inner workings.  Happy mind, troubled mind, but always an entertaining time.  I'm incredibly proud of how this whole project has come together and I'm looking forward to sharing the songs and videos with you!  This page is the place to be for all updates and the eventual release date of 3D. 

As always...

Much Love



ps.  keep creating 

Check out some screen shots from the 3D project below!!  click on image to view gallery.

10.00 20.00


  • 6 Songs 
  • 30 + Page E-Book with lyrics, guitar tablature, and random notes on inspiration behind the songs.
  • 2 guitar instructional videos for "Lasso Your Heart" and "One Man Show"


Track List

1. Lasso Your Heart

2. Od'ing On The Iodine

3. While We're Spinning

4. I'm Home

5. Lady Love

6. One Man Show

guitar tabs for:  Lasso Your Heart, One Man Show, and I'm Home

This Record is ONLY available right here at DustinPrinzdotcom!!  

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