April - 9th - 2018  Excited to announce that my music is featured in “One Step Closer,” a @RoadtripNation documentary that follows three students as they interview people about the places community college helped them reach. Check it out!     http://www.onestepcloserfilm.com


April - 9th - 2018

Excited to announce that my music is featured in “One Step Closer,” a @RoadtripNation documentary that follows three students as they interview people about the places community college helped them reach. Check it out!



  January 19th 2018   One of my original tunes called "Maybe" is being featured by Roadtrip Nation in a 4 episode Televised series, called Setting Course! The series will be on public television stations across the country starting this month. Good way to start 2018!! Thanks for your continued support friends and family! You know I love ya! :)     http://www.facebook.com/RoadtripNation

January 19th 2018

One of my original tunes called "Maybe" is being featured by Roadtrip Nation in a 4 episode Televised series, called Setting Course! The series will be on public television stations across the country starting this month. Good way to start 2018!! Thanks for your continued support friends and family! You know I love ya! :)



 So...  Today ( Aug. 27th 2017 )  I learned an important lesson: Check email more frequently.  Apparently my song "Hold On" was featured on Nick Cannon's "Caught On Camera" in late 2016 as well as another one of my tunes "I Am Alone" featured on "Man Seeking Woman" during their 2016 last season! Haha  Good Stuff.  :)

So...  Today ( Aug. 27th 2017 )  I learned an important lesson: Check email more frequently.  Apparently my song "Hold On" was featured on Nick Cannon's "Caught On Camera" in late 2016 as well as another one of my tunes "I Am Alone" featured on "Man Seeking Woman" during their 2016 last season! Haha  Good Stuff.  :)


Dustin Prinz is Excellent with Multidimensional EP


Music always offers an opportunity for all kinds of musicians to escape the real world and enter their own creative zone. Nebraska-born singer Dustin Prinz is certainly no exception, as his latest album 3D came to be when he was having an existential meltdown. (read more)

Dustin Prinz is an Impressive ‘One Man Show’                                                     


It’s well known that guitars are commonly associated with folk music. Few musicians, however, use the guitar in their folk music in the same way that Dustin Prinz does on his recent EP One Man Show. The Nebraska native calls his unique style of guitar playing “parapicking,” which describes his blend of picking and tapping. (read more)

DUSTIN PRINZ AND HIS ONE MAN SHOW by James Wilson Aug 8, 2016                

Regular readers and people who follow me on social media will know that I am a big fan of the work of Dustin Prinz. As soon as I heard that he was working on a new EP I knew that I would have to create a feature, because as a fan, I want to support the music that matters to me! Well Dustin has finally finished his new EP called ‘One Man Show’. If you are not aware of Dustin Prinz then open your ears and let his music into your world. This talented musician has a great style about his sound which is supported by his sublime guitar techniques. I love to hear his guitar on new songs to find out what new skills he wants to share with us listeners. (read more)

  By Mike O’Brien WP News Reporter

By Mike O’Brien WP News Reporter

There’s been plenty of windshield time for acoustic musician Dustin Prinz the past couple of years, and that’s been perfectly fine with him. (read more)

Of all the unsigned and DIY recording artists we listened to during the past year, here are the absolute best––our 25 highest scorers, as well as an extra Top 20 Prospects who are too talented to ignore. Each score you see is based on the merits of production, lyrics, music, vocals and musicianship. (read more)

We are happy to announce that Dustin Prinz was The Radio Buzz 101 Featured Artist of The Day. They played "Feeling It" at 2, 4 and 8pm (EST) on Wed Oct 21,2015. We have been informed that "Feeling It" will be added to regular rotation in the coming weeks. Thanks to Geordie Gilespie, Steven Masad and the rest of the crew at Radio Junkie for all their hard work for Dustin. Dustin Prinz is at an exciting time in his career and he is looking forward to sharing his music with the masses. Dustin recently told me that he is finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and he is looking forward to discovering what the future will bring...         by Chris Harkness / MM55productions

Right from jump, this Houston singer/ songwriter’s tenor (captured and mixed in pristine, unadorned fashion) is a charmer. His organic acoustic backup, with its restrained drums/percussion, allows the solid melodic hook of “Feeling It” to really take hold, making way for an agile guitar solo (read more)

"Acoustic Adventures: A Twist on the Traditional"

Even though I’m known as a more modern acoustic guitarist, I still get new inspiration and ideas from some decidedly non-acoustic players. One of my favorite guitarists was Rory Gallagher—especially the albums he made in the ’70s (read more)

 July 29, 2015 by  Teri Doty

July 29, 2015 by Teri Doty

At an early age Dustin Prinz found the best way to express himself was through music. In his new EP titled Feeling It, he sings about newfound love, being awkward on the dance floor, and more. Many people are gravitating to his music for his unique playing style and creative writing earning him over 5,000,000 views and 27,000 subscribers on YouTube. Feeling It is available now exclusively at dustinprinz.com. (read more)

 by  Andrew Stellmon  | published July 24, 2015

by Andrew Stellmon | published July 24, 2015

The West Point crowd put a strong showing in for hometown singer/songwriter Dustin Prinz last night, and some may have gotten more than they expected.

Prinz’s lyrical topics range from weary, mournful ballads to a tongue-in-cheek, dinner at grandma’s parody of “Sweet Dreams” to earnest thoughts on his fight with addiction. Though many left after his performance, they got a taste of flavorful songwriting and skillful guitar looping. (read more)


by Jacob Zlomke | cover photo by courtesy | published July 23, 2015

Sometimes, the draw is simple. That’s the case for West Point native Dustin Prinz.

“This is home,” he says over the phone from the northeastern Nebraska town of 3,300.

The wide-open skies and relaxed attitude of West Point offer the singer-songwriter a reprieve from the rest of his life, spent either in comparatively hectic and bustling Houston, or playing shows all over the country, usually in month-and-a-half-long stretches.

On his website, Prinz currently has 16 shows booked between now and September, stretching from New Mexico to Omaha with one or two days off between five-day sprints. (read more)

Singer/Songwriter and acoustic guitar aficionado Dustin Prinz releases his latest EP Feeling It. The four song EP alternates between fun upbeat guitar and tranquil love songs. This collection of original compositions highlights Dustin’s uncanny ability to harmoniously craft lyrics and musical riffs. The new EP Feeling It is available now exclusively at dustinprinz.com.

“Feeling It”, “First Sign Of Love”, and “Mr. Twiddle Thumbs” were recorded, mixed and mastered at Power Base Studio with Dan Kane at the helm. The final track “No Need To Know” was recorded live by Dustin Prinz. Dustin performs all the drum, vocal, guitar and bass tracks on the EP. Dan Kane produced the collection and performed piano and organ on two of the tracks. (read more)

Video Premiere: Dustin Prinz’s “Feeling It”

May 26, 2015 / Stephen Vicino

I’ve never met Dustin Prinz, but after watching the second music video from Dustin Prinz’s just released EP Feeling It, I’m convinced he’s what John Mayor would be if we could all agree that John Mayer is a sweetheart.

Like the video for the EP’s first single, “Mr. Twiddle Thumbs”, the video for the just released track “Feeling It” is a stylized lyric video created by Dustin himself. Dustin has accumulated quite the discography since 2011, but what I love about Dustin’s latest release is the accompanying video series we’re getting. So far each music video is a straight-on, aerial shot of one of Dustin’s sketchbooks. The back and forth page flipping, cross-outs, and overall disorderliness leave us with the impression that we are witnessing Dustin’s inner thoughts spill across the pages. (read article here)

Dustin Prinz Surpasses 5 million Youtube Views

Singer/Songwriter Dustin Prinz surpassed 5 million Youtube views on April 14, 2015. Dustin introduced his Youtube page on September 11, 2006 to share his music on a relatively new internet platform that was just a little over one year and fourteen months old at that time. Dustin strives to keep his content interesting and he introduces new video regularly.

Dustin receives many positive comments from fans around the world, sharing their thoughts and discussing the positive influence Dustin's music has on them and their overall outlook on life.

Here is a small sample of comments left by Dustin Prinz fans:
Mike - comment on "Let Her Go" / Hey Dustin - I just wanted to let you know I heard this song almost 3 years ago now and I don't think I'll ever forget it.  You have a real knack for producing music and I wish the best for you in anything you do.  I'll be a fan for life.

Trey - comment on "You + Me = Drugs" / I used to watch your videos a lot back when I was younger (I was 10 at the time) and coming back to this I haven't realized how much you influenced my own guitar work... Thanks man, keep it up!

Esther - comment on "I'm Still Alive" / Impresionante! Magnífico! Adoro verte tocar y cantar, tienes una voz que enamora y un don para tocar la guitarra...me encanta!! English translation: Awesome! Magnificent ! I love to see you play and sing , you have a voice and a knack love to play guitar ... I love it !!

I recommend that you spend a little time on the Dustin Prinz Youtube page viewing his work and reading the comments. You may feel compelled to leave a comment of your own...

By Albert Hofmann

A byte of Youtube history

According to Google, The domain name www.youtube.com was activated on February 14, 2005 and the website was developed over the subsequent months. The first YouTube video entitled "Me at the zoo" shows co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo. The video was uploaded on April 23, 2005, and can still be viewed on the site at: https://youtu.be/jNQXAC9IVRw

Dustin Prinz Plays Streaming Webinar on Jamplay.com

Dustin Prinz was invited by JamPlay to do a live streaming webinar. Dustin performed some of his more popular songs and discussed his guitar lesson series. The series is called "Parapicking for Knuckleheads" and is available NOW on www.jamplay.com.

Access the Dustin Prinz lessons for as little as $0.32 per day with this awesome coupon code! Use "DUSTIN" at checkout to save 25% automatically.

If you were unable to watch the live stream - No Worries - You can watch it NOW...


Dustin Prinz music to be used in two upcoming episodes of the popular PBS series “Roadtrip Nation

The Dustin Prinz song “Blindfolded” has been included in the Roadtrip Nation episode “The Road to Teach”  which follows 3 young aspiring teachers as they travel coast to coast, interviewing educators who are changing the face of education and reshaping the world as we know it. The show premieres March 18, 2015 at 5pm PST, 8pm EST on the Pivot Channel.

The Dustin Prinz song “I’m Still Alive” has been included in the Roadtrip Nation episode “Why Not Usa one hour special about 4 first generation college students traveling across the country and having conversations with other successful first generation college goers including: Randall L. Stephenson, CEO of AT&T, Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan and Singer/songwriter, John Legend.  The show premieres April 29th, 2015 on KQED in San Francisco.


The songs, Blindfolded and I’m Still Alive are original Dustin Prinz compositions from his latest CD entitled “ELEVEN. Dustin Prinz is a prolific songwriter who is being sought out by producers, directors and music supervisors for his thought provoking and unique song writing style. Keep an eye and ear out for more Dustin Prinz music included in upcoming Movie and TV sound tracks…

by Albert Hofmann - March 17, 2015

Roadtrip Nation Links:

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadtripNation
website: http://roadtripnation.com/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/roadtripnationdotcom

Dustin Prinz Teaches his Para-Picking Technique on JamPlay.com
The series is called “Para-Picking for KnuckleHeads”

 Dustin Prinz has been recruited by JamPlay.com to teach his "Para-Picking" technique on their popular guitar lesson website...  Although Dustin is not yet a household Name he has garnered the attention of companies like Dean Markley Strings, Cort Guitars and ULTRASOUND Amplifiers, inking endorsement deals with all of them...
  JamPlay.com flew Dustin Prinz to Loveland Colorado to video tape a series of lessons teaching the Dustin Prinz "Para-Picking" technique... Para-Picking  incorporates a unique percussive technique with intricate flat picking and Dustins’ signature style blending hybrid picking with a paradiddle percussive feel  developed during his days as a drummer, Dustin calls this style "Para-Picking".  At a time when music industry folks seem to be wrestling with how to utilize the internet to discover the next big thing, Dustin Prinz is slipping in under the fence with a unique style that is connecting with millions of loyal fans around the world…
Dustin Prinz intro Video on JamPlay.com : http://youtu.be/mZDBRz_BNTY

To learn the Dustin Prinz Parapicking technique? Use the coupon code (paraprinz50) at: http://www.jamplay.com/trial
The Coupon Code gives you one day of unlimited access to the Dustin Prinz lessons and all the other lessons on the site. Have fun!!!

by Albert Hofmann - December 1, 2014

  Oct 10, 2014

Oct 10, 2014

Dustin Prinz interviewed by Sean Gallagher for Unclaimed Bands

Dustin talks to Sean about touring, Para-Pickin' and having one of his songs featured in the Constantin Film "Schossgebete" for European release. Included in the interview are Dustin's songs, "Angry Breakup Song" and "I'm Still Alive"... (Listen here)

Sept 17, 2014

Dustin Prinz Music Licensed for German Film, “Schoßgebet

Dustin Prinz just inked a licensing agreement with Constantin Film for his song entitled “I Am Alone” scheduled for inclusion in the German film “Schoßgebete”. Constantin Film is a German film production and distribution company based in Munich, Germany. Constantin Film has been producing and distributing popular films since the 60’s when they released the iconic series of spaghetti westerns starring Clint Eastwood in “A Fistful of Dollars” (1964), “For a Few Dollars More” (1965) and “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” (1966).  (read more)

Every month, ReverbNation artists submit for the opportunity to headline festivals, get featured in magazines & blogs, or receive airplay on some of the best radio stations across the country. Promoters then handpick their favorite artists for each opportunity — here are some of the highlights from this month’s selections.


Breanna Kennedy, Joe Marson, and Dustin Prinz were featured on BestNewBands.com

BestNewBands.com feature just that – the best up-and-coming bands and artists you can expect to see making headlines in the near future. (read More)

Featured Artist: Dustin Prinz

Written by  Liz Rowley Published in Featured Artist Tuesday, 03 June 2014 05:44

New York - Dustin Prinz, is a one-man wonder out of Oklahoma, whose acoustic ballads betrays more passion than the average heart can hold. Prinz has been chipping away at his musical endeavors for most of his life,  attuning himself to his craft with the same passion as he tackles life’s ups and downs.  Dustin Prinz is the real deal; wading through the industry with pure intent. His work reflects his passion, and his  long discography wins affection with steady precision.

Recently signed to the Brooklyn-based booking agency Leesta Vall, Prinz released his third studio album, Eleven, on January 1st.  As fans wait for more material to surface, Prinz spoke candidly about his latest release, his life’s trajectory and what he’s got in store for us next. (READ MORE)

Dustin Prinz signs with New York based Leesta Vall Agency

MM55productions is happy to announce that Dustin Prinz has signed with Leesta Vall Artist Agency based in Brooklyn, New York... Dustin is looking forward to working with Jack Allen and the team at Leesta Vall...
Leesta Vall is a great Boutique Artist Booking and Promotion Agency... Jack Allen and the Leesta Vall team seem to genuinly care about the artists on their roster...

Jack Allen will be routing Dustin Prinz across the United States so look for Dustin in your neighborhood soon...

by Albert Hofmann for MM55productions - 5/28/2014

Leesta Vall website: http://leestavall.com/

  Published on  May 7, 2014

Published on May 7, 2014

We are very proud to announce a new weekly feature for our YouTube channel. Every Wednesday we will be posting a music video from a new artist, one who we believe brings something new to the table and has a bright future ahead of them. These artists may be people who you haven't heard yet, but you probably should! Feel free to send us any suggestions you might have.
This week our artist is Dustin Prinz, a singer, songwriter and music virtuoso. Dustin is primarily known for his acoustic playing and singing, but in his songs he also plays the bass, electric guitar and drums, making him a one man ensemble.  (READ MORE)

Dustin Prinz made the Houston Press Top Ten list of Acts to see at Ifest Second Weekend (READ MORE)

Dean Markley USA Adds YouTube Sensation Dustin Prinz

Dean Markley announces the addition of Dustin Prinz to their artist roster. As an up and coming indie artist, Dean Markley USA looks to Dustin to help further expand the company’s market share and help raise Dustin’s visibility in the world of guitar and entertainment. (READ MORE)


Dustin Prinz - Eleven

Joshua Boydston - April 15th, 2014

Few musicians take the time to master their instrument in the way that Oklahoma City singer-songwriter Dustin Prinz has; he’s a guitar virtuoso in every sense of the word, and Eleven gives him the chance to show just how far he can push that skill. (READ MORE)

 Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

  Dustin Prinz new CD Eleven

Dustin Prinz isn't a household name, but he is definitely on his way!  I've enjoyed listening to his new album "ELEVEN." This is Dustin's third project release.  I predict this is the album that will get him radio airplay. (read more)

Sometimes we need to listen to an album that speaks to and through our emotions, one that describes how we feel at any given point in our lives. Dustin Prinz’s full-length album ELEVEN does just that. Using his guitar and his voice, Prinz paints a vivid picture that has a color and brush stroke for everybody. (READ MORE)

   You probably know him since he has a pretty big Youtube following. Dustin Prinz is the typical guy that others call indie singer/songwriter , who spreads his charms mainly on Youtube. Well the indie term would only describe functionality and logistics here since it should not be confused with real indie music, no not the Interpol joke but the 80s alternative scene. Dustin has that typical Youtube star sound on this new record, which is not so typical of his style. If you’re diggin’ around for your music on Youtube you probably know him for some time now and you think of him as that virtuoso guitar player dude. (read more)