parapicking for knuckleheads


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Free series includes:

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Video 1

Learn how to add basic percussive techniques to simple chord progressions while adding movement and nuance to your playing.

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Video 2

Dustin runs through basic warm-ups to help coordinate left and right hand synchronization. Simple string skipping patterns that are sure to get your alternate picking dialed in!

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Video 3

In this lesson Dustin shows you a cool hybrid picking riff and breaks it down into an easy to understand method! Use Those Digits!

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Video 4

Learn how to add a kick drum a snare sound with your right picking hand! All while doing alternate picking and string skipping! Dustin runs through another simple to learn riff.

A little about your instructor, Dustin Prinz!


Dustin Prinz is a full-time professional musician performing over 200 shows a year as well as creating video content for his social media pages. Dustin has over 30,000 Youtube Subscribers to date, and has been writing and releasing original music since 2009. His videos collectively have reached over 8 million “organic” views. Some say the power is in the beard!! lol Check out Dustin’s social media links below if you’re interested in seeing his work firsthand!!